About Us

Hey there! My name is Aniah McKenzie and I am the owner of M.E. Picnics. M.E. Picnics was first created in January of 2021 and meant to be the solution to the boredom of being trapped at home due to COVID-19. I had been wanting to start a business of my own where I could combine all the creative things I enjoy and picnicking was the perfect idea! It was something my husband Agustin and I both enjoyed doing together when we were trapped at home, but often found laziness would prevent us from getting out there. “How great would it be if someone just set up the picnic and we just showed up and enjoyed it?” And that’s how M.E. Picnics came to be!

What does M.E. stand for?

The M.E. in M.E. Picnics stands for Morenitas’ Exquisite Picnics. The name was inspired by her mothers childhood nickname which means little brown girl in spanish. However it is pretty long so M.E. Picnics, the shortened version came to be.

Where do we operate?

We are based in San Antonio, but we are willing to travel to help make your day a tad bit more special.